Weekly Grocery Outlet Report

Hello!  The snow got me all kinds of messed up on my grocery shopping.  I shopped a lot, and we ate a lot, but most of it was for things like pancake mix and chocolate chips.  Necessities people!  Anyway, back in to the grind of things today and had a lovely trip to the Grocery Outlet.  They had some great deals this week on things we don’t normally buy and things for Super Bowl parties this weekend.  I also love when I find organic things there.  I obviously don’t feed my family 100% organic (looking at you Little Smokies) but try to when it’s not a huge cost difference.  Finding organic super cheap at the GO makes my day!!  Here’s my haul:


8 – 10 ounce Minute Maid 10 orange juices

2 giant rolls Sparkle paper towels

1 loaf No Crust whole grain bread

16 oz package Jimmy Dean natural sausage roll

6 packages Land of Lakes colby jack cheese cubes

1 large bag fresh spinach

1 head butter lettuce

10 count mini Babybell mozzarella cheeses

1 package Hillshire Farm Little Smokies

1 jar organic Cascadian Farms sweet pickle relish

1 package of 2 Pillsbury pie crusts

4 – 4 count Del Monte individual pear cups

1 box Scooby snacks

2 boxes organic Campbell’s kids noodle soup

1 – 16 ounce wheel President Brie cheese

2 – 8 count Apple and Eve fruitables juice boxes

2 – 15 ounce Peter Pan simply ground peanut butter

1 – 32 ounce bag brown rice

8 count Star Wars yoplait yogurt

32 count organic variety pack of Apple and Even lemonade juice boxes

1 – 51 count plastic cutlery

1 Package NC State napkins, 2 packages NC State paper plates

Grand Total – $52.46



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